Terry Goddard Gil Crespin and Margaret Hance

Gil Crespin flanked by former Phoenix mayors Terry Goddard and Margaret Hance.


We are a painting company that has been in this field for over 10-years. We started in our own home, when we wanted to bring the beauty of the outside colors inside by bringing life to plain white walls. We loved experimenting with the variety of odors, texture and design and found how color truly expresses a specific style, uniqueness, creates ambience and defines who you are.

We were inspired by color, and it became a passion of ours to bring inspiration and much more into the homes of others through the art of paint.

Our goal is to give a high level of consumer care by keeping your needs our focus, and paying attention to detail. These qualities are an important part of who we are and that is what keeps our clients calling us back to do more and and why our clientele continues to grow.